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New Solutions + Perspectives       Action + Accountability       Advice You Can Trust


Your business is too important to stay stuck.


You deserve the full attention and focus from a compassionate and strategic ally who will treat your problems as they are their own.


Are you craving:


A clear roadmap to follow?
An understanding of where the real issue is?
A safe place to sift through all your clutter and chaos?
Identification of options and solutions?
A way to get further, faster?


Maybe you simply want to worry less and get into strategic action.


Let's do that.


I’ve been a visionary entrepreneur for over 30 years.


Even as a teen I knew I wanted to own a business one day. After working at a few (ok several) jobs, I realized I didn’t like being told what to do, and I didn’t like managing people. So I started my business and loved it!


I’ve guided, launched, directed and overhauled everything from small start up ventures to multi-million dollar private companies.


I’ve consulted with hundreds of people in the areas of entrepreneurship, marketing, brand partnerships, event production, and music management.


I’ve also weathered failures and missteps that have given me experience and knowledge that I use to help my clients sidestep them.


I’ve been told I’m a problem solver, connector, advocate and a persuasive force with contagious enthusiasm. I have the unique ability to jump into any problem and help you find the best solution. Right now, you can’t afford to have someone full time in the role of COO for your business. But accessing the knowledge as you need it to get you unstuck? THAT is my sweet spot.


Take Action 20

Have a specific and time sensitive need? Use this dynamic 20 minute micro-coaching experience to get immediate feedback and resources. The Take Action 20 call will empower you to take decisive action in just 20 minutes. Book your Take Action 20 call now!

SOS Call

Got an issue? Don't know how to handle it? This is a one hour call with Michelle where you'll: present your problem, get to the heart of what's really going on, brainstorm potential situations, develop a plan, and build in accountability so that you can move from problem to solution with grace and ease. Book your SOS Call now!

Sounding Board Sessions

A combination of consulting and coaching. A sounding board session offers fresh insight, problem-solving, a creative team, strategy development, accountability partner, and a connection to people and resources. Book a call to discuss.

On-Demand Vice President

Need help achieving your goals? Facing challenges and uncertainty holding you back? Let Michelle, your On-demand Vice President, be your trusted advisor. With monthly Zoom calls and ongoing support via email, text and phone, you'll get the guidance and support you need to navigate obstacles and capitalize on opportunities. Whether you're looking for guidance on a specific project, or need ongoing support to drive your business forward, the On-demand Vice President service is designed to help you reach your objectives with ease and confidence. Don't let uncertainty hold you back, let Michelle be your go-to partner for success. Book a call to discuss.


Michelle helps individuals and businesses overcome stagnation and propel into action. She reframes common challenges as opportunities to uncover new possibilities and redefine one’s path. Her engaging presentations deliver actionable strategies to get unstuck, build resilience, and recognize when to seek support. Whether through keynotes, breakout sessions, or workshops, Michelle provides the essential resources your audience needs to achieve their goals. Book Michelle Massman for your next event and give your audience the tools and inspiration to become unstoppable. Download Michelle's speaking one-sheet.


Clare Richards



"I was incredibly lucky to get connected to Michelle as we were exploring new product opportunities for our K-12 edtech startup called Impacks. Michelle is both a wonderful coach and enthusiastic supporter. She gave us great feedback on a subscription-based product we're currently developing, and she also coached us on our business pitch. Michelle is an excellent resource to business owners looking to tighten up their message and deliver it to the right audience."


Carissa Andrews

International Bestselling Author

"Michelle was an absolute ROCK STAR at helping me look at my business in new and innovative ways. She was also instrumental in helping me sort through the noise in my head so I could put together a stellar 5-minute pitch for ILT Academy’s Demo Day for the Advanced Cohort in spring 2022. Her advice and expertise are so greatly appreciated and I’m thrilled to not only know her but to now call her a friend! Thanks, Michelle!"


Steve Fredlund

The Safari Dude

"Working with Michelle has accelerated my business clarity, strategy and growth in a very short period of time. While providing tremendous insights, Michelle also exemplifies the power of the right question. She is a natural business coach with a personality that both encourages and challenges."

Jill Blashack

Tastefully Simple

"Michelle has a gift for boiling an issue down to its true essence. Her clear thinking and forthright nature make her a pleasure to work with."

Shaun Johnson

Tonic Sol-fa

Shaun Johnson Music

"We were a company getting a large share of its revenue from one source and that source was shrinking. We scrambled 24/7 to try and make up that revenue. We were burned out. In the years since we have worked with Michelle, she has expanded every single aspect of our business."

Meg Flynn

New Directions Counseling & Training

"Working with Michelle I've felt supported, heard, encouraged. Creating new things and expanding my business became fun instead of overwhelming. Michelle will be a gift to anyone who wants to move a dream or goal forward."


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